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    Addicted–Why I (You) Need an Accountability Partner

    October 9, 2013


    She wanted to quit snacking at night.  

    I wanted to quit Facebook at night.  

    (I see you laughing, you who have followed this blog for several years and know it’s always been my issue. And for that matter, I also see you lurking. On Facebook. You know who you are. 😉 )

    So we reintroduced ourselves to each other as accountability partners, my friend and I. From now on, we would randomly and spontaneously check in with each other via email and report on how we’re doing.  

    It’s been a couple weeks and for the first time, we each feel hope. Like this is going to work.

    She has saved me from wasting precious time in the evenings by helping me exchange news feed browsing and bleary-eyed status gazing for journaling, blogging, and for bedtime snuggling with kids who grow up too fast.  

    And I am saving her from Pringles.  

    I can’t get over how easy this is. Suddenly, it’s easy.  

    Why aren’t we more accountable to each other, in general, when it’s as easy as asking a trusted friend?  

    Trusted friend–that rare individual who loves you enough to tell you the truth in the most gracious and loving way anyone could. Who dares to intrude into your personal space to ask about how you’re doing in those shameful places. Who understands your habit is no different from hers.  

    We all have our idols.  

    I do wonder how the church would clean up her act if more people paired up on accountability. Space would fail me to talk about the disasters that could be avoided if we loved each other enough to give each other the key to our secret obsessions and addictions. To let each other in and have a look around from time to time, to tell us the bold-faced truth about what’s going to take us down.  

    I’d love your feedback. Do you need accountability? Are you brave enough to ask for it? What do you think are the qualifications for a good accountability partner? Do you think this is harder for men than for women? Why is that? Have you seen this work in your own life? Do tell!

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