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    Bible Characters on Facebook

    October 13, 2009

    (Just for fun, for my fellow Facebook addicts out there)

    Abraham just gave Lot a L’il Green Patch.

    Noah needs more farm animals.

    Suggest friends for Job.

    Isaac is now married.

    Solomon–Interested In: women

    Adam has just added you as his relative.

    Elijah just took the “What Movie are You?” Quiz and the result is: Gone with the Wind.

    Hide Baby Moses.

    Ignore Delilah.

    Absalom just took the “How will you die?” Quiz and the result is: Hanged by hair from a tree.

    Ruth just harvested barley in Farm Town.

    The Apostle Paul just sent you a Holy Kiss. Kiss him back!

    Jonah just took the “What Movie are You?” Quiz and the result is: The Perfect Storm.

    Saul just threw a spear at David.

    Abraham just took the “What Bible Character are You?” Quiz and the result is: Abraham.

    God wrote on Belshazzar’s Wall.

    2 thoughts on “Bible Characters on Facebook

    1. These are hilarious, Faith. May I repost on my blog???

    2. Faith says:

      Of course you may, Lucy! Some of these are now obsolete, and are testament to how much FB has changed since I wrote this! 🙂

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