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    For Jobless People Only

    March 19, 2010

    If you are unemployed, or married to someone unemployed, as a result of this unrelenting recession—I am here to tell you what you already know but need to hear and feel, up close and personal. You are not alone. There are many, many people—blue collar and white collar, in your same situation. I know your daily struggle to keep your face above the floods of despair that threaten to take you under.

    (By-the-way, if someone says the recession is over, bless his pea-pickin’ little heart. He must not be looking for a job.)

    Here’s another thing I know. I know how hard you’re working (or your spouse is working) to find work. I know the hours—hours it takes to scroll through job postings and fill out applications, hundreds of them, hoping to hear back from just one.

    I know the disappointment of seeing the same old same old positions listed over and over again.

    I know that one can memorize several pages of indeed.com. and the same eight jobs that have been posted at major companies’ websites for months.

    I know that not all job fairs are equal. I know that there are unknowing people who can actually laugh at you from their little job fair booth when you ask if they need a chemist.

    I know what it is to not care anymore that you may have to move to a frozen –over place like Montana.

    Or take a job doing the very thing you went to back to school to try to get away from.

    I understand your right to refuse that job, knowing how wrong it would be to take it until something better comes along two months later. I will never judge you for that. It is right. 

    I also understand that it is more difficult to get a job if you are over-qualified than under-qualified. I know how well-meaning friends and family members sit around and talk about how you should be willing to take just any job, not realizing that you would take any job–if only you could get hired. I know how you want to wring the necks of those who don’t understand that a warehouse manager will not hire a scientist to package parts.

    I know what it’s like to find out that because of Equal Opportunity laws many (if not most) of the positions listed online were already filled internally before they were posted.

    I know the hopes and joys of getting an interview and going out to celebrate because it went so well…and I know the blow you feel when you read that follow up email.

    I know that having connections and “it’s who you know” doesn’t always matter.

    I know the pain of being judged over the fact that you still don’t have a job.

    I don’t write these things to be complaining. I’m not trying to garner pity (I get enough from myself! 😉 . I am simply reminding you, once again, that you are not alone. I know those details that can’t be written about, those things you don’t dare mention to anyone.

    I know how you want someone to care and that’s all. You haven’t got your hand out. I care.

    In my head, I know God is at work to find us work. It just takes a while of actively seeking Him in prayer and in His Word to get what I know in my head down into my heart, to the point that my life reflects faith. I’m not always there. I want you to know that too. I know what it’s like to not always be there.

    Soon Dave will have a job, the Lord willing, and this will be over. Until then, “when we are faithless, he remains faithful.” 2 Ti. 2:13

    4 thoughts on “For Jobless People Only

    1. gigimae101 says:

      Faith, when the Lord grants me ten million dollars I am going to give you 1 million dollars. Until then, I give you my heart and know that I truly understand what is going on with you guys and if someone has said or done something to hurt you, in any way shape or form, i am extending my arms of love and giving you a big o;’ bear hug. *U*

    2. Daniel Paden says:

      Thank You Thank You Thank You and Thank GOD for Sending You.
      My wife gets so down sometimes after puting in endless applications and hearing nothing.
      Sometimes its difficult to keep her head above water.
      I will have her read your post “For Jobless People Only”.
      I just know your words will succeed where mine have failed.
      Your words will show her shes not alone and someone who dont have my biasness cares and understands.
      A husbands understanding is important but sometimes a woman needs some one else to understand.
      Again Thank You.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Faith…I know what you’re talking about! I might not have been jobless recently but I spent years working as a supply teacher, working 3 jobs just to make ends meet…even as a single it was hard and sometimes humiliating. Especially when I knew I could teach but for some reason the school wouldn’t hire an over 30 year old!!

      NOW…I know it would be hard to come back to the USA. Has Dave ever looked across the ‘big pond’ for prospects? Just curious! love you! OH this is Debi…can’t remember my sign in!!

    4. Anonymous says:

      What a wonderful woman you have become. I went to school with you for years, and always knew there was something special hiding inside, but you had a close circle and I regret that I didn’t try harder to earn your friendship.

      These things happen to many of us, even if our treasures (from Him) aren’t obvious to others during such confusing childish years, and sometimes through adulthood.

      Christ takes all that from us, and gives us something better, the best.

      God bless you, and your family, and thank you for sharing your joy.


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