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    God Wants You–RICH?

    March 21, 2008

    I was raised in the Bible Belt and still remember falling asleep on carpeted convention room floors under the voices of great men of God like Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and the like. I was only a kid but knew that the faith they preached about was what God wants us to have. I knew I served a God that yearned for us to ask that we may receive. My Heavenly Daddy wants to bless.But I fear that much of the church has taken the beautiful truth of the Word/Faith teachers and twisted them into a “God wants you rich” prosperity doctrine that makes God look more like Santa Claus. Get your list ready, He’s coming to town.

    I recently heard a minister say, “Financial lack makes you depressed and envious. It hinders God from using you in the world.”

    Are you kidding me? It’s the response (the wrong response) to lack that makes you this way. Can you imagine someone telling Mother Teresa that God wants to “prosper” her, that she doesn’t have to remain under a “spirit of poverty?” What if the prosperity message was taken to the underground church in China, to the saints who are joyfully imprisoned and impoverished for their loyalty to Jesus? Would the Fransican monks have wanted to drive around in a Lexus?

    The apostle Paul did very gladly “spend and (was) spent” for people’s sakes, suffering hunger, near nakedness and unspeakable hardship. He never once implied that He was waiting for his “financial breakthrough.” And what’s more–he wasn’t depressed or envious either. Why I’ll bet he was the happiest man of his time, and he was dirt poor. And what income he did generate wasn’t through leaching on the local believers. He made tents.

    Perhaps we should stop blaming financial struggles on the devil and the curse of our ancestors. Instead of acting as though God will wave a magic wand and get us out of debt–why not get to the real issue? We’re stupid with our money. Bring in the Larry Burketts to teach the church how to handle finances wisely, and we won’t need any more prosperity sermons.

    For that matter, what if we had a paradigm shift that caused us to start seeing the needs of the world more than our personal comfort?

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