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    Hello Halloween (Part Two)

    October 27, 2010

    Thanks for showing up at my door for another Halloween post.  You’ll have to decide, by the end, whether this was a trick or a treat.

    It’s 4:16 in the morning, but I can’t sleep. So you might as well come on in and have a seat, and I’ll tell you about the gnawing deep in my conscience that woke me up and dragged me down here to write at such an ungodly hour.

    I wrote “Hello Halloween” three years ago, impassioned with a love for people. When I dug up the post and dusted it off the other day, I felt that same longing to touch the world with God’s love, so much so that the tears flowed as I polished it up and re-posted.

    But I’m afraid I may have removed too much of its natural oils—the grace that must flow if I want to preserve something that I value much higher than my own personal convictions. And that is unity. Anchored amidst that beloved sea of humanity is a 2,000 year-old ship, the Church, the “precious Bride of Christ.”

    Sometimes I get frustrated with her seeming inability to navigate the ever changing waters of our culture, and I jump ship, splashing around in the wild and wonderful waves of freedom. But sooner or later I hear the distinct low moan of an air horn, and I swim furiously back to the boat and climb on board, dripping wet with foolish pride.

    I steady myself and realize that the tattered ship—the Church—has stayed its course. She is still sailing toward a bright and glorious future.

    My previous words haunt me back here in the safety of my cabin: good-bye selfishness and legalism…. A brutally honest and slightly sarcastic voice whispers, Gee-whiz, Faith, when did you take a “hypocritic” oath? You tout yourself as a unity-loving, Body-of-Christ geek and then use something as miniscule as “to Halloween or not to Halloween” to stir up division and cause hard feelings among the brethren.

    (Insert tail between legs and back pedal.)

    So I have left the previous post as is, because I do like to challenge people to rethink things, or at least understand the “why” behind those who do things differently.

    But what I never want to do in my writing, speaking, or even thinking, for that matter, is cop an arrogant, “I’m right and you’re stupid” attitude toward anyone—especially my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Well that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by. Make yourself at home here on my blog site while I try to go back to sleep. And do me a favor—leave feedback if something strikes a chord, whether it’s a dissonant one or it reverberates in a way that brings glory to God. I’m listening. But at the end of the day, it’s Him I have to answer to.

    2 thoughts on “Hello Halloween (Part Two)

    1. Amanda says:

      Thanks again for sharing. Halloween is a controversial issue, and therefore it is something we all need to pray about and seek what God tells us. I appreciate your thoughts in Part One–I honestly never thought of the witnessing opportunities. Now I have a few days to prepare something a bit more than just candy, so that I can share the love of Jesus with each kid that comes, too.

    2. Anonymous says:

      as a former pagan/wiccan who always thought i had nothing but good (or “white magick”) intentions i am here to let everyone know that Halloween and it’s mysteries and “fun” helped lead me there. in fact, i proudly declared it my “favorite” holiday up until recent years!

      it is so easy to dismiss this “holiday” as kid’s fun. frankly, i still miss many lighter aspects of it… however the further i get from the “tradition” the easier it is to see the glamorization of death, violence, darkness, depravity and greed.

      i could cite the historical pagan foundations of Halloween, as with any argument against modern Christmas celebrations, but most are familiar with these.

      i am NOT judging what another chooses to do, but instead simply wish to impart to those who readily dismiss the influences, please know that (from a former insider) the Occult world WANTS you underestimate these things, and “just have fun.”

      the doorway is opened young, and in this modern culture hard enough to turn away from. give those kids every chance to choose Christ-centered good clean fun, the world will always be there to distract them with the media and entertainment machine… avoid it.

      as for your revision, Faith, another smile to you for continuing to iron out those pride wrinkles where you find them. i enjoy your poetic candor, and do hope others will share their considerations of your efforts, as well.

      it can be alternately gratifying AND humiliating enough to look back on old notebooks from years past and see how we’ve grown, but doing it online is even more treacherous!

      God bless you for sharing.

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