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    If Men of the Bible Were on Match.com

    May 17, 2013

    Green thumb, competitive. Passionate, temperamental. Easy going as long as my buttons aren’t pushed. I like my space. I worship God and nature in my own way. Take what I have to give or don’t take it at all. Looking for lifelong partner to escape family drama and roam the countryside.

    (Murdered a sibling)

    I like to work out at the gym, life of the party, keep people guessing with fun and games. Looking for a fit, lovely lady for good times. I’m religious but open-minded enough to date all types. You do your thing, I’ll do mine! Oh, I should mention my job—I’m a judge. Seriously! If you want to be financially secure and enjoy life on the wild side, get in touch.(Cause of death: suicide demolition).

    I’m a sensitive kind of guy. Pleaser. (Undergoing harp therapy treatment for Rage Disorder, don’t hold it against me! ;)) President of my own company. Go to church regularly but like to dabble in the paranormal. Shy at first but don’t let that fool you.  I’m the jealous type, I don’t like to share! 😉 Competitive, passionate. Know what I want and won’t stop until I get it. Looking for a lady who appreciates the finer things in life.

    (Cause of death: suicide) 

    Minister with a prophetic edge.  i like fishing, love God and country. Will be glad when someone finally takes out those terrorist Ninevites! Not into people-pleasing. LOL I go by Apostle Jonah or Rev. Dr. Jonah. Looking to take that someone special on the cruise of a lifetime!!!!!

    (Cause of death unknown. Angry.)


    Had to use husband’s photo; couldn’t find any suitable online
    Aged like good wine. My desire is to love my wife as Christ loves the church—to nourish and cherish her, to give myself for her. Desiring of a marriage that models the relationship between God and his people—sacrificial love. Values: family (including your mother), generosity, diversity, integrity, humility, hard work and rest.

    (Husband to Ruth, ancestor of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.)

    Who would you pick and why? What are your thoughts about internet dating profiles and the men women pick?

    (For unbiased descriptions of the men in this post, please read the Bible.)
    (Photo credits geeksdreamgirl.com) 
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