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    If You Give a Mouse a Facebook Account

    January 22, 2011

    (If you are not a parent or elementary school teacher who has read the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, you may not get this. You may not get it anyway. I’m okay with that.)

    If you give a mouse a Facebook account, she will want to post a status.

    If she posts a status, and it is at all witty, profound, or strange, she will receive a comment.

    She will reply to said comment.

    She will check her notifications for a reply to said reply.

    Before long, the mouse will be staring at a long thread of comments and think to herself, “Wow, look how famouse I am.”

    The mouse will wait anxiously, patiently, every day, for more notifications, ignoring the opened box of cookies in the cupboard.

    Soon she will realize how self absorbed she has become, and post a “farewell” status, announcing to her Facebook friends her decision to quit Facebook.

    When no one replies, she will go to bed devouring the box of cookies, realizing that no one ever cared that she was on Facebook after all.

    She will be accused of being “extreme” and will want to throw herself in front of a cat.

    Then she will realize how extremely self-absorbed she is for even thinking such thoughts, and mutter, “I hate Facebook.”

    Then she will open her Facebook page again.


    7 thoughts on “If You Give a Mouse a Facebook Account

    1. Faith- you nailed it!!! What is the world becoming? And what if there was NEVER any Facebook? 🙂 haha. YOu’re awesome! (and getting famous, whether you want to or not!) haha!

    2. j frost says:

      Well, I didn’t read that book, but your comments make me think a lot of someone else…let’s see…..
      Oh yeah! I remember now….

      By the way- speaking of books about mice, have you ever read “The Mouse That Glowed”? Might enjoy that one!

    3. Faith says:

      I’ll have to look for that one at the library, Jack. Thanks!

    4. gigimae101 says:

      Oh Faith, I needed a good laugh and boy was that a good one. This is one of my favorite stories and you gave it the best twist I have ever seen on it.

    5. Anonymous says:

      Yes, I love this book, and I love your version too. I’m glad you’re staying balanced. Stay warm. Mary

    6. Cynthia says:

      Way to stay balanced. 🙂

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