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    I’m a Morning Person in a Not-So-Morning Body

    October 10, 2013


    Image Credit: Rodney Smith, realsimple.com

    For years I’ve beat myself up for not being a morning person. Others have joined in too. Like the morning I walked into a MOPS meeting and a friend stung me with, “OMG, you’re up!” And since I was already down on myself about it, I wanted to pour my coffee on her head.

    But I am finally okay with my morning self, for the following reasons:

    1. I am rarely sick. I might get one cold per year. I attribute this to the fact that I let my body get all the eight hours of sleep it needs. I am done resenting the fact that I need that many hours of sleep, and I’m done wanting to strangle you for getting by on less.  

    I also eat well and avoid overcrowding my schedule and thereby stressing myself out, causing sickness.

    2.  This is just a season of my life. I have teenagers who stay up later than I’d like to go to bed. This has cramped my style when it comes to that sacred alone-time with hubby at night. But they will be out of the nest before I blink, and then I will retire early and join the ranks of senior-citizen-early-morning-birds.

    3. Just look at this little gem I found in the Facebook status of parenting expert Dr. Kevin Leman:

    Aroma…..What is your favorite aroma? And, what does it remind you of….? I just opened a fresh canister of Folgers Coffee…..um-um..so sweet! I have to take Mrs. Uppington her morning Joe….she is NOT a morning person! “Get up you heathen, it’s Sunday”….no I didn’t say that…Thought of it! lol

    I also heard him on the radio one day saying that Sande sleeps in until (gasp) ten o’clock! (I love that woman.)

    So I’ve laid aside my flogging chains. I’d love to be an early-riser. For the three times in my life that I’ve risen with the sun, I loved it. The quiet house. The feeling that I own the day. Maybe some day I’ll return to that for good. But for now, I’m a morning person in a not-so-morning body.

    And I am okay with that.



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