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    On Bladder Health and Unsolicited Advice

    August 2, 2011

    The other day I looked at a woman and thought, If she could listen to what I have to say, she’d be better off. If the opportunity availed itself, she’d hear in my instructive words that I just want her to be happy. My wisdom would change her life overnight. (I see you rolling your eyes. Don’t tell me you never have those thoughts, unless you’re the Sleeping Beauty.)
    But I know as well as you do how obnoxious, how rude, how downright despicable people are who habitually offer unsolicited advice. We may deceive ourselves into believing otherwise, but the truth is, precious few of us appreciate unwelcome instruction packaged in the words of even well-meaning friends. We can be taught through a book, CD, seminar or by simple observation of others. But the minute someone offers, “Are you open to a new idea?” some of us flinch as though we’re being dragged into the multi-level marketing of herbal tinctures (Incidentally, did you know that Extract of Rupturewort has been shown to improve bladder health?).

    At least, that’s how I feel, depending on who’s doing the dishing out of advice. Don’t tell me how to run my life, thank you.
    Except, I truly do believe that I could better the lives of some individuals, by offering the common sense that they are obviously blind to, if only they would ask. But I keep quiet; I am not that obnoxious world-changer (Some may beg to differ, and I am okay with that.).
    Here’s the thing. I have to be willing to listen to your instruction to the same extent that I’d like you to listen to mine.
    So. (Deep breath.) I, Faith Bogdan, do hereby give you permission to speak into my life. To remove the blinders, pull out the earplugs and wave red flags in my face when necessary. I may not appreciate it at first. I may flinch. I may hang up on you. But for the record,
    I. Need. You.
    I don’t have all the answers. If I have gained any wisdom, most of it was spoken through the lips of the diversity of people God has placed in my life. You are potentially one of those people.
    It has been said that a mark of maturity is the ability to take correction. Here’s to more growth! Are you with me?

    3 thoughts on “On Bladder Health and Unsolicited Advice

    1. Anonymous says:

      I Love your Presentation on everthing. Further, by the Way I think your home is beautiful! I was struct by the last thought “the sign of maturity is the ability to take correction.” I both heard those words and read them today reguarding taking discipline. Working my 12 step program, amazing!

    2. Faith, what you say is so true..but the way you say it is even better. :)You should be the poster child for “show, don’t tell.”

      Keep writing so I can keep reading..because, ya know, your highest goal in life should be to keep me happy. 🙂

    3. Jayce says:

      Remember to pee. That keeps your bladder healthy and uninfected.

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