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    Philly Mudslide Part Two

    October 15, 2010

    Today marks one week past the deadline for when they were supposed to contact Dave about a job offer. They haven’t as much as emailed, or responded to his follow-up voice mail. Nor did they ever offer mileage reimbursement for the four-hour drive to the interview. Dave has decided he’d rather not work for a company with that kind of unprofessionalism. So we’re back to square one and okay with it.

    Meanwhile, I’ve added another lesson (hopefully) learned to this trial:

    I’ve been praying all along, “Lord, give Dave a job so we can ___________________.” I wasn’t filling in the blank with frivolous things. They were charitable, noble desires. But what hit me recently was this: that prayer betrayed a serious lack of faith. I have believed that we have to have stable income in order to bless others. In other words, I want to be self-sufficient. Far be it from me to trust God to provide.

    I am buying the same lie the snake sold to Adam and Eve: Why rely on God when you can be just like Him?

    Recently a guest minister at our church said, “Live as though your miracle has already taken place.” What would that look like? For me, it means I would no longer hold off on making certain purchases for the health of my family, or giving to others in need. I would destroy my “when Dave gets a job” list and start living by faith, trusting in God’s unlimited line of credit.

    This isn’t hyper-faith or presumption. Wisdom and timing have to be involved. But I find myself once again on the threshold of that high-flying jet, ready to jump. Ready to trust.

    2 thoughts on “Philly Mudslide Part Two

    1. j frost says:

      Oh boy, now you’ve gone and done it. Messed me up and messed up my plan for how this is all supposed to work out. You’ve even ruined my plans for next year already and messed with my concept of how this is all going to be such a blessing for everybody around me….
      And what’s with that thing about faith? Wanting to tell me I don’t have faith!!???

      I have to admit, your line “I am buying the same lie the snake sold to Adam and Eve: Why rely on God when you can be just like Him?” has quite the impact. I have to admit that I have often said the same type of thing that you have here…’if only you would allow us to be _______, then we could be ______’. And here we are in a place where we are getting to know some folks, but the molds here are creating serious health issues with me and we are making plans to leave. Yet I have to begin to wonder in light of some of what I sense when reading your post here, am I running toward something that is contrary to what God wants to do in us here?

      I just wonder…

      Thanks again for your insight and your post.

    2. Anonymous says:


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