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    Rules for the Christian Game of Life

    April 19, 2007

    For the Beginner:

    If offended, do not react.

    Player may craft a brilliantly sarcastic email, but may not click “send.”

    Player may not use masterful verbiage to put the offender in his place. To do so will immediately disqualify the player.

    Player must be genuinely kind to the offender, behaving as though the offense never occured.

    Intermediate Level:

    Player may not casually mention the offense to team members.

    Player must be willing to take the initiative in seeking restoration. 

    Player may not require confession or owning of the mistake before forgiveness occurs.

    Player must be willing to appear foolish enough to believe excuses and accept denials, and dumb enough to remain mute.

    Player must pray fervently and sincerely for a blessing on the head of the offender.

    Advanced Play:

    Player must esteem the offender as better than herself.

    Player must actively seek out opportunities to bless the offender.

    Player must love and cherish the offender as one of her own team members.

    Player must let the offender win.

    (I wished I’d read the rules before I bought the game.)

    If anyone competes,…he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. II Tim. 2:5

    4 thoughts on “Rules for the Christian Game of Life

    1. Monazein says:

      Having been a “born again” Christian for less than a year, I have the following to add to your post. I have found that my emotional sensitivity has increased as God has torn down the many walls that I worked so hard to construct over the course of my life. This should lead one to become more sensitive to unfeeling or insensitive people who click “send” before re-thinking or editing what they have typed into the email box, but strangely enough, the opposite seems to have occurred. I find myself almost devoid of emotions when dealing with cold or insensitive people and yet I can break down when confronted with those who need real compassion and understanding. I “cry ” at “touchy feely” movies while having little tolerance toward those who curse God or otherwise exhibit contempt for God in other ways. I don’t think I have lost “feelings”, but have lost pride and ego while gaining heart and compassion. Praying for the offender is good and does not indicate that you have backed down or otherwise compromised the offense. I think you used wisdom in this post. Congratulations on your attaining the Gold Medal.

    2. Faith says:

      No gold medal here! I keep having to either lose a turn or go around the same old mountain over and over again. :/ Good thing God is patient.

    3. Jackie says:

      Great Game – I assume that there is no charge to purchase the game
      plan, In fact I think I have a copy of the rules in a little black book called The Holy Bible. It has a lot of team-mates listed in it.Some have really good scores and some really wiped out.
      I have found It’s good practice to witness their “moves” to help me plan mine.

    4. Faith says:

      Love it, Jackie! 🙂

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