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    Ruthie’s Miracle Shoes

    December 31, 2010

    If you read the recent Ithaca post, you may remember the skirt I mentioned buying for Ruthie. I was tickled with this purchase, as Ruthie has been wearing nothing but jeans everywhere she goes, including to church. I have nothing against wearing jeans to church, but I am adamantly against my baby girl growing up too fast and no longer letting me doll her up in frills and bows. So I found this skirt at Trader K’s in Ithaca and hoped against hope that it would find favor with my teenage wanna-be.

    It did. Except that she needed dress shoes to wear with it (I couldn’t convince her that her faded brown cowgirl boots would suffice). So off I went to my beloved Kohl’s in search of proper shoes.
    Headed to the back of the store, it crossed my mind that I could pray for dress shoes. I half-heartedly breathed a quick prayer, feeling that I’d asked for too much lately. Honestly, I hoped God had stayed in the parking lot, so as not to witness my frivolous spending.
    Before I could say “Amen,” my eyes fell upon these little beauties, left alone on the kids’ clearance shelf, marked down to $6.47, in Ruthie’s size only:
    “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” Matthew 6:8
    “Every good and perfect gift is from above….” James 1:17
    For more on this topic, check out God Bought Me Some Perfume.

    5 thoughts on “Ruthie’s Miracle Shoes

    1. God is just SO GOOD. He does love blessings His kids! And you my sister, I think, is one of His special ones! Blessings even more abundantly!

    2. Kelly says:

      Love it! I had a similar situation in which I had bought the Leapster 2 for my girls and my nephew for Christmas only to realize that it was the charging station instead of the actual device. I called Target up explaining that I had done a price match on the Leapster 2 and neither I nor the cashier realized I had the wrong item. Thank God they let me do an exchange and get the same price. On the way to the store I prayed that they would have at least one in the green and blue color since the girls could use a pink or green one but my nephew would probably not be too happy with pink. I got back to the aisle to grab the 2 for exchange and there were 2 pink and 1 green left on the shelf. I could have cried knowing that God had answered my prayer and for something that was more of a want than a need. He is Awesome!!

    3. Lucky Ruthie!… or should I say … blessed. He is indeed an Awesome God, and I think he laughs sometimes at our foolishness. Consider the lilies… they neither spin nor toil but who is arrayed like these…
      (apologies for my bad memory, I’m sure that’s not the exact quote.)

      Rejoicing in the day,

    4. Craig says:


      It’s almost as if a Parent loves to give his daughter things that make her happy…

      Almost like he doesn’t get tired of expressing his love toward her as often as He is able to…

      Unlike what some others might say, “Too much”
      He will never say,
      “You ask for too much goodness from me. blessing, too much provision, too much giggles,
      too much healing, too much joy, too much of anything that lets me see my daughter smile, too much of My love expressed toward you.”

      Silly Papa. Loves His little girl as much as you love yours.

      How much?

      “Too much?”

      *An extravagant laugh resounds through the room*

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