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    Snitchin’ from the Kitchen

    October 13, 2009

    Last Sunday one of our daughters was found stealing marshmallows from the church refrigerator (Well wouldn’t you be tempted? The seat can only sit beneath a tummy’s rumbling and a preacher’s rambling for so long). In our dwelling, the punishment must fit the crime, and so it was decided that the aforementioned would go without sweets for the rest of the day.

    This was acceptable until our dear friend Xiu Yun, petite owner of “The Famiry Wok,” gave our children a package of orange-almond cookies. When Dear Daughter realized what her snitchin’ from the kitchen cost her, she ran up to her room and fell into a torrent of tears strong enough to soak through the knotty pine-lined ceiling. Ruthie, listening to the despairing cry, sat and studied her cookie. Suddenly she jumped up and with wide-eyed revelation pled, “Can I give her half of my cookie?”

    I smiled. My damsel in distress had been rescued. A few minutes later a red-eyed little girl and her sacrificing sister were chomping on cookie halves, their legs swinging wildly beneath the table.

    Isn’t that what Christ, our Brother, has done for us? Seeing we had stupidly cheated ourselves out of forever enjoying the good pleasure of the Father’s Kingdom, Jesus willingly offered us a share in His inheritance. He couldn’t bear to see us go without all the joys intended for our lives here on earth; He couldn’t keep the gift of eternal life–power over the grave–all to Himself. He could only be happy sharing it with us. That desire cost Him dearly.

    And I wonder, when Father God looked upon that sacrifice, if He felt what I did when I looked into Ruthie’s hazel eyes that day—the joy that comes when “mercy triumphs over judgment” (James 2:13).

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      From the heart of a child flows wisdom.

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