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    "The Church is Full of Hypocrites"

    June 16, 2011

    Recently a friend who had just been introduced to a fellow Christian at a church service said this to me: “I worked with her for years and never knew she was a Christian. She’s the biggest gossip I’ve ever seen.”
    The conversation was a painful reminder of something we all have heard before: “The church is full of hypocrites.”
    I am one of them; just ask my kids and closest friends. I do my share of tongue wagging.  But encounters like the one with my church friend compel me to seek God’s help in becoming a weekday Christian and not just a Sunday morning one.
    Because people are watching. As the old song goes, “You’re the only Jesus some will ever see.” I wonder, would someone know anything at all about what Christ is like based on my life alone?
    Based on Christians in general? Ask any waitress or Little League coach and the answer may surprise you.  Better yet, ask the person you live next to, work with, or sleep with.
    Ask your Facebook friends. Do your status posts identify you as a Christ follower? (BTW, LMAO, WTF and “effin'” mean the same as spelling it out, and there is nothing terribly impressive about a Christian’s public love affair with beer when impressionable kids or dear friends in recovery are watching.).
    When I hear complaints about Christians whose daily walk and talk are inconsistent with their profession of faith, it makes me think some would be better off keeping quiet about their faith and staying out of the ministry.  
    It makes me take a good, hard look at myself and cry out to God for change.

    4 thoughts on “"The Church is Full of Hypocrites"

    1. Are you and Ed conspiring?? *grin* Easy to type those acronyms without thinking, isn’t it? And to post complaining or bitter statuses… or to open our mouths and speak carelessly…

      Thanks for the reminder, Faith. I am quick to say, the only thing that’s good in me is Jesus… I hope that’s who people see most often, and not my broken, fallen self.

      Take care, Sister.

      Rejoicing in the day,

    2. Anonymous says:

      Hi Faith… BTW does mean by the way, right?? your far far away friend!

    3. Faith, you have a way to really get people to think. I totally get waht youa re saying, adn can appreciate it. It doesnt matter what “faith” you profess, whether Catholic, Protestant, whatever. . . One should live according to theri beliefs as close to Jesus’ example of love as possible. We have a lot of problems sperading True Love when we break God’s commandments. Especially the one which Christ last gave. “Love each toehr as I have loved you”. How can a hypocrite truly fullfill this calling through gossip? Oh it is so sad. So many sould are lead astray by that behavior of the hypocrite. I also believe that is why our faith in Christ has not yet been brought into Unity. Keep praying, and may we all be givent he grace and courage and stregth to “love each otehr the way Christ has loved us” . . . . . God’s Blessings, always. 🙂

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