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    The Importance of Cake Testers and Prickly People

    January 29, 2014


    Image credit: shaunasever.com

    Prickly people. We all have them in our lives. Those who offer nothing but guaranteed jabs and pokes in response to everything you say and do, no matter how rightly and honestly you try to live. You can name them. You brace yourself upon seeing them show up in your notifications or inbox, wondering what they’ll say this time to make you want to run away and quit everything.

    Difficult people are “cake testers.” They are purposed to let you know if you’re “done yet.”

    Cake testers, on their own, are not much more than a sharp threat to one’s comfort. But inserted into the skin of someone wanting to hear, “well done,”* they are extremely useful. Any of us can think we have “arrived” until a cake tester comes along and pokes us, sometimes sticking deep. What comes back out is telling of how much longer we need to remain in the furnace of affliction.

    Usually I react to getting poked. I want to throw the cake tester as far away as my arm can throw. But what good would that do me?

    Bread is of no use to feed the hungry if it’s not done yet. Got a cake tester in your life? Thank God for him or her. Unless you want to be a half-baked loaf.


    *Matthew 25:23




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