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    The Return of Ferdinand (con’t. from previous post)

    August 12, 2010

    Last night Ferdy returned to our pond, in all his white feathered glory.

    A few days ago Dave received the email from Intel (every scientist’s dream place to work) saying that they’ve chosen another candidate. Oregon would have been fun.

    This afternoon I was driving through the rain on route 14 north of Troy. While reaching out into the wetness to throw the wayward windshield wiper back onto the windshield, I listened to a voice mail on Dave’s cell phone (I don’t recommend the use of cell phones while attempting to fix a broken windshield wiper as you’re flying down the highway in the rain.). The message informed me that Dave will not be working for K. in his latex testing lab. This local company has also chosen someone else.

    Now this will be a great relief to Dave, because although he would enjoy working with his good friend and former employee (that’s right, I said “former employee”), he did not just complete three grueling years of grad school to test rubber gloves. Not even for a short time, only to say “Adios” to K. and leave him to go through the hiring and training process all over again.

    I am fine with that. But I was hoping, just a teeny bit, that maybe this could be something Dave could do in the meantime. Which is ridiculous, because it’s not what Dave wants to do and it would be very unfair to K. So I was being selfish, and crying in the rain, along highway 14.

    Then I started to think about my friends, and other people I know, with bigger problems. Or should I say, with problems. Friends with sick kids. Lonely friends. Friends with confused, runaway kids that are breaking their mothers’ hearts. Friends with chronic pain. And friends with lots of money and still without a clue as to who they really are in life.

    Then I felt very small, and whiny. I imagined God saying, “This is about a duck?”  Yes, a stupid duck. A duck that will come back to us. Soon. Very soon.

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