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    This Post Contains an Announcement About Our Family

    July 29, 2013


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    February 11, 2005 was the day God took our family’s picture-perfect life, turned it upside down, and for the next eight years shook out a lot of me, myself and I. We went from riches to rags, one might say, and some of you caught glimpses of our journey (see the category, “unemployment”). You prayed with us, cried with us, stood in faith with us, and ate beans and rice with us.

    The road has been long.

    Dave interviewed once again on July 9, 2013, and we heard nothing for seventeen agonizing days that drifted resignedly back to square one. 

    Last Friday I dropped the Reading Daughter off at the bookstore and strolled past adjoining shops I’d been long since weaned from. The air was especially fresh and I breathed it in and knew all over again that joy is possible, no matter what. I said aloud, I refuse to live in self-pity. When You want Dave to have a job at (company), he will have one.” I felt so light I could have skipped. As I recall, it was right around noontime when I prayed that prayer. 

    I took the girls swimming at Barb’s house that afternoon and she came home from work and I looked at her and made my lips form the words: 

    “Congratulations on your job offer! I knew you’d get it. I am so happy for you.”

    And I was truly happy that my friend had gotten a job so quickly. But a part of me felt the way Meryl Streep feels in the movie “Julie and Julia” when she receives a letter from her sister announcing she’s pregnant. Streep’s character, Julia Childs, is infertile. Upon reading the news, she leans on her husband’s shoulder and sobs, “I am so happy for her!”

    (I’m the one who had told Dave Barb’s good news and noted his response: “Oh, that’s great!” Saint Dave had grinned as though he’d just won a brand new truck.)

    We left the pool and emotions behind and I called Dave and asked him out on a date. He accepted. We got our fish fry and took it to the mossy crest under the tall pines and crunched on beer batter and sipped sweet tea. Then we lay side by side and he held me, and made small talk about goings on, and I lassoed  my wandering mind back in when he was saying with smiling eyes, “…I told them I can start work on the nineteenth…” 

    And I looked at him and knew that my husband had just said words I’d waited to hear for so long, and now they were out, and I was shrieking and pushing back against his chest to get a good look at him to make sure it was true. But he pulled me in tighter, laughing, not letting me go, making me drink in the plain truth with him…

    …we were finally free.

    I asked when they’d called and he looked at his phone–eleven fifty-two. I thought about the day and how my husband had already had a job at the moments I’d chosen joy for myself and rejoicing for others.

    And it all seemed so right, and good, the way God did it. 

    Eight years, five months and fifteen days and suddenly it’s over and these are the only words that come to mind as I sit here on the other side of the wilderness:

    “This is our God; we have waited for him, and he has saved us.” (Isaiah 25:9)

    2 thoughts on “This Post Contains an Announcement About Our Family

    1. Angela says:

      Wow! Such an inspiration. And humbling to realize I’m struggling at this point of only 1 year and 8 months since my husband left his job in the name of faith actually….and you went through the wilderness for so much longer. I’m thrilled you made it through. Encouraging indeed!! Praise God for His enduring faithfulness!
      I’m thankful to have found your blog- as we wait to hear from 3 companies we have applied to. The days keep ticking by. Come what may.

      1. Faith says:

        Thanks for stopping by, Angela. I pray you emerge from this season spiritually richer than ever before. 🙂

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