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    Why I am So Close…and So Far Away from Being Famous

    February 21, 2014


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    Just before my book came out last year, a famous person who’d read it sent me a personal email and said, “This has ‘best seller’ written all over it. Get your website ready for the traffic.”

    Imagine my delight! I stashed cash in a drawer until I’d saved up enough money and got a real website. Then I waited. And kept waiting.

    There I was at a book signing one day, several months after my book’s release, still waiting for customers to come to my table. Next to me was an older gentleman who’d self-published a political book, also waiting for someone to come to his table. I cared nothing for his book, and he cared nothing for mine. But we felt sorry for each other and bought a copy of the other’s book, so we could say we’d sold a book that day.

    Shortly before that book signing, I had a pre-interview to be on a show that would have been my big break. Though my previous interviews had been successful, somehow I botched this one, apparently; they never called back. I wrestled with the “why” of that disappointment, trying to blame everything and everyone except God’s will.

    Then one cold January evening our family received life-changing news. In one shocking moment, it all made sense–why God has kept me hidden. Close to home. All at once I understood why I’m not traveling the country, speaking and signing books. Suddenly fame was the enemy–the last thing I wanted. I’d never been so grateful for obscurity in my life. (I cannot tell you the news just yet. You would never guess, don’t even try. I can tell you that I’m not pregnant, Dave still has his job, no one is ill, and we are not moving or quitting the pastorate!)

    Maybe the other truth is, I’m not “fame material.” Maybe my book hasn’t sold up to its assigned potential because I don’t have the time or know-how to promote it.

    Maybe I really hate promoting my own book.

    Maybe I’d rather live what I wrote and enjoy my children than spend time trying to become well-known.

    But that all presents a problem, one that had me doubled over this morning, crying my eyes out from what we Christians like to call “conviction.” You see, I believe in the book I wrote. I believe in it because I continue to get emails from random strangers telling me it has changed their life.

    And I know what it is to read a life-changing book that no one knows about because for whatever reason the author has chosen not to promote it. And I respect that, though it is tragic. I understand it perfectly well.

    So today I am doing the only thing I know to do with my book right now. I am giving it away, with no strings attached, except to ask you to return the favor by letting someone know about it (Amazon reviews are much appreciated, though I will never require a review in exchange for a free book). If you would like a copy–if you will definitely read it or give it to a mom who needs it, please use the contact form at the top of this website and send me your address by midnight tonight. I will gladly send you my book, in hopes that it will be the blessing to you that it has been to others.

    That, after all, is why I wrote it in the first place.


    (Please note this giveaway has ended. I hope someday I’ll be able to give away an unlimited supply of books! But I need to sell some first. The irony!) 😉



    8 thoughts on “Why I am So Close…and So Far Away from Being Famous

    1. Mary says:

      My dear friend, you ARE famous!

      You are the lady, from The Great Divorce, whom people were following as she was led in a parade! You are changing lives. You’ve written a life changing book!!

      Where it counts, you’re famous.
      And, as always, you are loved.

      1. Faith says:

        AWWW… What to say, Mary? Just, *hug*

    2. There are thousands of us authors out there–just like you–with our books that simply change one person at a time. Only eternity will reveal the impact of our “worst-selling” books! I think we’re going to be joyfully surprised!

      1. Faith says:

        So true, Jim! Just the other day I asked myself, “If my book had only helped one person, would it have still been worth all those months–years–of writing, editing, and waiting?” From an eternal perspective, we have to answer, “yes.”

    3. How timely. I completely understand down to the last detail. I have wondered why my books haven’t done better or opened doors for volumes of speaking. Now, just this week, it looks like my soon-to-change life circumstances appear to be the thing that will allow me to pursue my passions, speaking and building into lives daily. I can’t say any details either (and like you, I am NOT pregnant!)but I am excited about the impending journey.

      Blessing to you and our family.

      1. Faith Bogdan says:

        Great to hear from you, Rebekah! In fact, just today I told my daughter (the “fit” one, who is so not like me) that she needs to read your first book (and the rest, too!). She was mentioning she wants to run along the Amazon! 🙂

    4. Danielle says:

      I’ve always joked with you that I was going to be your Fan Club President. Maybe there won’t be one in this world, but I assure you, your book/life/story/love is racking up membership in a Heavenly Fan Club.

      1. Faith Bogdan says:

        Aw, that’s sweet, Danielle. Thank you!

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