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    Why My Dad is No Longer Angry

    June 21, 2013

    (This is an important follow-up to my Father’s Day post. It is written by my very own Daddy. I told him I didn’t want to post something all about me, but he assured me it is more about him. So enjoy.)

    When Faith was seventeen, she attended a Christian summer camp in Pennsylvania where a girl gave a testimony that touched Faith’s heart. When she returned home to Florida, she told me from now on she would submit to me totally. I wasn’t sure it would last, but it did. It was her turning point. 

    Faith’s turning point was around 1987. In April, 1993, God delivered me from the rest of my anger problem. (The first and major deliverance was in 1976, another story of secret psychotic anger and rage toward God.) I thought my anger toward my kids’ “disobedience” was normal until in 1993 our daughter Grace (Faith had long gone) helped me face the humiliating truth. I thought I could just decide not to be angry any more, but I found it was deeply rooted beyond my control. I was so scared of this monster, I began to cry out to God all day for deliverance while I worked. 

    After two weeks of this all-day pleading with God, it was gone, completely. I asked my wife, Joy, if she noticed, and she agreed. It has never returned and it is so neat to be free.

    (So there you have it. It’s really true! I haven’t seen my dad get angry since I was a teenager. Do you believe in divine deliverance? In what areas of your life would you like to experience total deliverance? Why do you think we don’t see more of this?)

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